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Lotrene Q1018

Lotrène® Q1018 Series are Linear Low Density Polyethylene resins produced in a gas phase reactor using butene (C4) co-monomer.   

They are designed for blown film applications and can be used in pure form as well as blended with other PE resins, such as LDPE or HDPE and MDPE resins for mono extrusion or co-extrusion process to modify film properties.

Lotrène® Q1018 Series are suited for many applications in the field of consumer, agricultural, industrial, food or hygiene packaging, etc.

ModelsSlip (Erucamide) (ppm)Slip (Erucamide) (ppm)Thermal Stabilizers
Density* @ 23 °C0.918g/cm3ASTM D792-
Melt Flow Index (190 *C /2.16 kg)1.0g/10 min.ASTM D1238-
Crystalline Melting Point122°CInternal
Vicat Softening Point100°CASTM D1525- (A120)

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