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Lotrene FE3000

Lotrene FE3000 is an additive-free LDPE produce by tubular high-pressure process, which is mainly used for the manufacturing of heavy duty film.

LDPE FE3000 can be used to produce films with excellent optical properties, very good shrink properties and good mechanical properties.

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Melt Flow Index0.30g/10 min.ASTM D1238-
Density @ 23 °C0.923g/cm3ASTM D792-
Crystalline Melting Point112°CASTM E794-
Vicat Softening Point99°CASTM D1525-
Tensile Strength @ Yield MD/ TD12/12MPaASTM D882-
Tensile Strength @ Break MD/ TD35/29MPaASTM D882-
Elongation @ Break  MD/ TD400/600%ASTM D882-
Impact Strength, F 50150gASTM D1709-
Tear resistance MD/ TD47/47N/mmASTM D1922-
Puncture Force62NInternal Method
 0.75 ASTM D1894-
Haze8%ASTM D1003-
Gloss (@ 45 )56 ASTM D2457-

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