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Lotrene q3018C

Lotrène® Q3018C is a Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin produced in a gas phase reactor using butene (C4) co-monomer.

Q3018C LLDPE is a cast film extrusion grade, which can be processed at high output rates with good web stability and gauge control on cast film machines designed for LLDPE. Lotrène® Q3018C can advantageously be blended with LDPE or other PE resins used in cast film mono extrusion or co – extrusion to improve film properties.

Model Slip(Erucamide) Antiblock Processing aid Thermal Stabilizers
Q3018C No No No Yes(cast film)
Density* 0.918 g/cm3 ASTM D792
Melt Flow Index (190 °C /2.16 kg) 2.8 g/10 min. ASTM D1238
Crystalline Melting Point 122 °C Internal
Vicat Softening Point 101 °C ASTM D1525- (A120)

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