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Lotrene HDPE 5502BN to Pakistan

Recently, a customer from Pakistan ordered two containers (51MT) of Lotrene HDPE Q5502BN from our company. After confirming the client’s order, we immediately arranged for booking and delivery, and booked a fast direct ship for the customer. It only took 16 days for the client to receive the products. After receiving the batch of goods, the client was very satisfied with the quality of the product and our service. Then he placed an order for two containers of HDPE Q5502BN later.

Our company is a distributor of plastic raw materials (including HDPELDPELLDPEPPPVCPET, etc) with many year of export experience. You only need to tell us the product names, brands or models you are looking for, we will quickly check if it is in stock and then quote you the best price.

HDPE 5502BN to Pakistan
Lotrene 5502BN for Delivery

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