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LLDPE 218WJ to Bangladesh

Our company has a customer from Bangladesh. After initially contacting this customer, through chatting with the customer, we discovered that the customer was very knowledgeable about the plastics market and had many suppliers in China. However, in the end the customer chose to give the order to us. The customer said he got a lot of quotes lower than our price. Although this is very attractive, he still felt more confident about placing the order with our company. We did not disappoint our client and shipped the goods quickly after confirming the order for 1 container of Sabic LLDPE 218WJ (24.75MT). At present, this customer has become an old customer of our company and continues to place orders with us.

Our company is a distributor of plastic raw materials (including HDPELDPELLDPEPPPVCPET, etc) with many year of export experience. You only need to tell us the product names, brands or models you are looking for, we will quickly check if it is in stock and then quote you the best price.

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